Literatura norteamericana I

Matilde Martín González

This course on American Literature provides a general survey of the literary history of the United States from its beginnings through our days. Students are required to work on the major authors by using the bibliography indicated here and photocopies provided by the professors. There will be a final examination (see examinations calendar) consisting of two different parts: 1) theoretical development of some literary aspects; 2) a practical analysis of some texts studied during the course.

Students are advised to consult regularly the Department of English schedule of seminars and lectures offered by visiting scholars.


  1. The Beginnings of American Literature: Colonial/Enlightenment/Early Republic.
  2. American Renaissance (I): Transcendentalism: Emerson and Thoreau (II): Edgar A. Poe.
  3. American Renaissance (III): Romanticism: N. Hawthorne and H. Melville.
  4. Nineteenth-century American poetry: W. Whitman and E. Dickinson.
  5. The Black Experience in American Literature (I).
  6. Realism, Naturalism, Local Colour.
  7. Modernism (I): Poetry. A) G. Stein and Ezra Pound B) T.S. Eliot and William C. Williams.
  8. Modernism (II): Fiction. The Lost Generation.
  9. The Black Experience in American Literature (II).
  10. Postwar Fiction.
  11. Postwar Poetry.
  12. American Theater.

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